Satiate Nutrition wants to inspire you to live a well-fueled and active life.

Eating is about nourishment, culture, and celebration. Restrictive diets and “diet foods” honor none of those. They leave one with low-energy, more appetite, and at risk for chronic diseases- not to mention disordered eating patterns. And if you’re an athlete, restrictive diets can seriously weaken performance. Satiate preaches nourishment through whole foods and accurate, realistic nutrition advice with room for indulgences to satiate your body and mind.

Hayden James is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist based in Salt Lake City, Utah, a recent transplant from Tulsa, Oklahoma. As an avid runner and rock climber, Hayden’s nutritional passions lie in sports nutrition. She also loves yoga and would like to tumble down ski slopes more frequently now that she’s living in Salt Lake City. Hayden emphasizes an all-foods-fit approach to nutrition, because she enjoys French fries as much as kale. With a strong science background, Hayden strives to provide the most recent scientific evidence-based health information.

Hayden left her full-time gig in a busy pediatric endocrinology clinic to spend the Summer 2019 living out of her Honda Element with her husband. They traveled the western part of the United States, rock climbing, hiking, and adventuring along the way. This trip inspired them to move to Utah.

-Hayden is licensed by CDR (Credentialing of Dietetic Registration) to practice as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
-Licensed by the Oklahoma State Medical Board
-Certified by the Utah Department of Commerce DOPL

Dietetic Internship through the University of Oklahoma
-MA Dietetics from University of Oklahoma
-BS Biology, minor in Chemistry from University of North Carolina Wilmington

I am currently not accepting clients for nutrition consultations. Thanks in advance for your interest.